Black and White high contrast portraits were brought to the midwest by Larry Peters in 1985. Images created by flatly lighting the model and push processing film captures this signature portrait. A starfish soft box and three flat reflectors were included in the design to flatten the light. However, flat reflectors created unflattering catchlights in the eyes on close-up portraits, so Larry perfected the lighting by shaping a reflector in the same curvature as the human eye. The Eyelighter reflector was born. Patented and sold to countless studios across the United States, the Eyelighter has enhanced photographers’ lighting into the Larry Peters style of portraiture . Today, the Eyelighter is used in more light scenarios than just Black and White high contrast portraits. White on White and most close-up portraits are also enhanced by incorporating the use of the Eyelighter into the lighting scheme.

The inventor

& patent holder

of The

Eyelighter reflector 

Larry Peters

Eyelighter reflectors are proudly designed and manufactured in the United States of America. We would rather reduce the profit and keep the production in our facilities.